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Who and what is Esinko?

Esinko.net is a small game and software development website run by mainly me, the ”all knowing” wizard Gandalf The Green or just Esinko. This website contains lots of information about Esinko.net and the people who run it. You can find projects we make for commercial and non-commercial entities in the Projects page. If you want to get in touch or just want to know more about me or Esinko.net, look in the About us page. In any case, welcome to our website. We hope you’ll like what you see 🙂

About us

So you want to know more about Esinko.net? Well, you are in the right place!
Esinko.net started as placeholder website for software to easily access this server, which is now running this website. It was created just because it was possible and Esinko.net was just a domain containing a plain wordpress website owned by a software hobbyist, me.
A lot of time has passed since then. Esinko.net has grown and multiple people have contributed and worked for projects created by us. By ”us” I mean that I mostly do the development around here. Esinko.net is after all run by just me, Gandalf The Green or just Esinko.
”Well what is Esinko.net then? It’s not a company and not just some useless name? So what is it?”, Said Some guy.
Well… It’s complicated. For now Esinko.net is just the name I release all my software under and other people contributing to those projects become a part of the Esinko.net development team in some way, but It’s just really me. Also the young software hobbyist who created this website has changed a lot too. I’m doing work professionally and I hope to keep doing it.
There isn’t really an answer for ”why” Esinko.net was created, but I hope to change that. This website is just the beginning. You can find all our projects in the projects page, check them out! I think they are pretty cool!


Here is the list of our projects. Please note that this list only includes projects that are available publicly and are publicly known Esinko.net productions. Due to these limits, multiple projects for our customers have been redacted, but here is the list:

  • PohjolaMC – Website
  • D.A.V.E – Discord bot(dicontinued)
  • Quick IHC – Elko Living System controller software for all your devices
  • PohjolaMC – Minecraft server
  • Esinko.net Minecraft toolset – Minecraft plugins
  • The Eva project – Machine learning toolset
  • The Esinko Network – Data sharing and communications using HTTPS and encrypted websockets for fast and secure data transimission.
  • Mannerheim – Discord bot