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D.A.V.E or Dave for short is a Discord Bot made to help you around your community and make it easier to manage, here is the list of Extensions and stuff we would like to add to Dave in the future:

Existing Extensions:


YouTube Notifications, They send notifications to your Discord community to the channel of your choosing and with the message of your choice!


Moderation Features, Such as mute, kick and lots of other useful commands.


Music, You can command Dave to play music on the voice channel of your choice and make it play the music of your choosing. The bot can queue your request so you don't have to stop whatever you are doing and tell it to play the next song!


Ranking extension, It adds some competition to your Discord server. The users gain XP talking and level up! Who will have the most XP and levels? You can also Start Events that users can interact with and gain XP. You can also start giveaways which users can join and gain xp.


Google Search! Look for pictures or fun facts, you can also search for a channel's Youtube Analytics! Ask Dave questions and with the power of google you might get the correct answer! Skip Results with our fancy UI in the result message with reactions!


Votes, You as a content creator want to know what your community enjoys? Ask it with the Voting extension!

Stuff we would like to add in the future:


Twitch notifications, it works the same way as YouTube notifications but it gets the notifications from twitch


Twitter posts, It would send your Twitter updates to a channel of your choice!


Youtube Gaming notifications, it would be an update to the Youtube notifications Extension.


Web Dashboard, Edit your Community from this website!

This bot was made by:




Car Crusher Creative#5901


And supported by:

Non Newtonian#1012,



Sethtek Dev ✓#0412 and

Sebastian18670 (Firefighter)#9269